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We at Your Healthcart, firmly believe that getting best dental treatments at affordable prices is the right of every human being across the world. To make our belief a reality we provide a platform to facilitate dental treatments and dental tourism at affordable prices. We follow a patient centric approach. 


Our platform is one of its kinds when it comes to providing quality dental services across India. We provide patients a platform where they can book various dental treatments from various hospitals and clinics PAN India as well as can experience the aesthetic beauty of the country during their treatment here. 


As one of the best dental tourism platforms, we make sure that the services provided by the hospitals and clinics which are on our panel are the best as well as they follow strict hygiene standards. 

Our Dental Services

Quality and affordable dentistry

Dental crowns

Crowns are used to fix a broken tooth or give them a proper shape. Dental crowns are one of the most preferred procedures.

Dental Implants

Dental implant is a screw like structure placed into the jaw bone to act like an artificial root. if you have a missing teeth you must go for it.

Dental Veneers

To fix your crooked tooth or just simply to make your smile better, you can opt for Veneers. This is a tooth colored material placed on the front of your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Damaged and decayed teeth are very painful. If you have a damaged tooth which you don't want to get extracted, root canal treatment is all you need.

Dental Bridge

It is a permanent dental restoration to replace one or more missing tooth by fixing a prosthetic tooth, adjacent to the tooth or dental implants.


Often called as false teeth, dentures are used to replace the missing tooth of upper or lower arch, both and at times partial areas where there is a gap in dentition.

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Time involved varies from treatment to treatment. Procedures like Teeth Whitening, take an hour or two while treatments like bridges, root canal treatments and implants may require 1 week and even more. Besides this your oral health and the complexity of your case is one of the major factors to decide how much time it will take. Our dentists can give you a good estimate as soon as they have access to your reports and scans,etc.

Ofcourse, you would. How much depends on the treatment you are undergoing. If you are planning to come to India for a holiday and drop in for teeth whitening, you may end up saving several hundred dollars. Generally those dental tourists who undergo a lot of dental treatment save huge amounts. Dental treatment costs in Delhi are lesser than that in Canada, Australia and the US. The amount saved will depend on the type of procedure as well as the cost of a plane ticket and hotel fees. Get in touch with us to know more about the costs involved.

Dental implants are used to fill empty spaces in the mouth caused by missing teeth. It diminishes the chances of decay, periodontal disease, stress on the remaining teeth, etc. These are titanium screws placed in the jaw bone in which a tooth, bridge or denture is attached to make a stable restoration.

Dental braces generally do not involve this sort of problem. All they have to avoid is hard, sticky, gooey or crunchy foods. These types of foods can stick to braces and if not properly removed can cause cavities.

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