All you need to know about dentures

If you are about to get dentures, you might have some questions running through your mind about dentures. So here you will get all the essential information concerning dentures and these days people are considering dental tourism for getting their dental treatment as it is an opportunity for them to get treatment while having a holiday with their family.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are false teeth which are used to replace the missing teeth. Many people are of the opinion that dentures can only be full i.e. only those which either replace the upper arch or lower arch but this is actually a myth. They can also be used to replace one or two missing teeth.

Dentist may recommend one of the four types of dentures to you:

  • Partial dentures- These are used above the teeth and only when there is a gap between the dentitions
  • Full dentures- These are used to completely replace the tooth of either above jaw or below jaw or both.
  • Immediate dentures- They are placed when a tooth has been extracted. These are used as healing dentures.
  • Overdentures- These are used to support and stabilize a broken tooth.

Dentures are generally made up of metal or acrylic and attached over the gums.

When you need Dentures?

Any of the reasons listed below might be a factor for getting dentures:

  • If you have lost your teeth, you probably wouldn’t be able to chew your food properly. In order to avoid that discomfort you need dentures.
  • If want to maintain good oral health and avoid periodontal disease.
  • You can also get them for aesthetics like to maintain a good smile or increase your self confidence.

The procedure

If CAD/CAM techniques are used  dentures can be achieved in a day. Generally it takes upto 3 weeks to prepare dentures. It is advised to keep the time frame in mind and plan for dental tourism.

In the first visit, impressions of mouth and jaws will be taken and on this basis primary dentures will be made.

In the next visit, primary dentures will be fitted to know about any discomfort or adjustments, and on the basis of this a final cast will be made.

Final dentures will be fitted in the third visit but in case of patients having tooth extractions, one has to wear temporary dentures for 3 months . After the process of bone resorption, final cast will be made and fitted.

Getting dentures as a dental tourist is a very good option as you can get upto 50-60% discount and rates are at times cheaper than those at home.