If your tooth has a cavity and you want to get dental fillings, you must get this on your trip to India.There are five types of dental fillings. As per the degree of decay and your affordability doctor will decide which type of filling to use.

Silver fillings are one of the most common types of dental fillings and they are durable and affordable too. Then,there are white fillings which are also known as composite fillings. They are very popular because their color resembles the color of the tooth. They are less durable and are made of plastic and resin.

Then there are fillings made of porcelain, they are expensive, durable and visually appealing. Also there are fillings which release fluoride and protect them from decay, they are glass ionomer filling.

Gold is also used as a filling but it is very uncommon and expensive though the life of these fillings is more than 15 years. Getting your dental fillings done in India as dental tourist is a very good option as the cost involved here will be lesser than the treatment cost involved in any other country.