Root Canal Treatment

All you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

If you are planning to get a root canal treatment, you must be aware of all the knick knacks, pros and cons of this process. So, here it is:

What is a root canal treatment?

It is a dental treatment done by an endodontist, in order to save the damaged tooth of a person. In this infected nerves and tissues are removed from the tooth. When a tooth gets badly decayed, the cavity gets infected and causes a lot of pain. The nerves and pulp in the canal gets infected and creates abscess. It is very painful and causes swelling, if not treated on time it may cause infection in jaws and throat and can also result in bone loss in the jaw.  Generally sugar, bacteria and starches erode the teeth and result in tooth decay.

When you need a root canal treatment?

Your dentist may suggest to undergo this treatment under the following conditions:

  • Decayed tooth
  • Severe pain while chewing
  • Swollen gums
  • Sensation after the pathology is removed
  • When tooth cannot be saved only through cleaning the cavity and general filling

The Procedure

This endodontic treatment may be performed in two or more visits. Following steps may be  followed:

  • In the first sitting, the dentist will examine your teeth and take an xray.
  • An opening will be made on the crown of your tooth.
  • It will be cleaned, pulp and decayed stuff will be removed.
  • Now, the dentist will do a normal filling.
  • In the second sitting, he will check for an infection and if there is no signs of section, he will do the permanent filling.
  • In the next meeting he will take the impression for your crown or bridge.
  • In the fourth visit crown or bridge will be placed on your teeth.