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Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction

It is the removal of teeth from dental alveolus in alveolar bone. Permanent teeth are supposed to be there for a lifetime but sometimes due to contingencies they may have to be removed. If you are taking orthodontic treatment, the dentist may remove a tooth to align the rest of them. 

Teeth Whitening

It just takes a few hours to get the process completed, giving you remarkable results. With this process your tooth can be made approximately 14 shades whiter. Whitening toothpastes and home whitening kits are other things which you can prefer as per the consultation with the dentist.


Silver fillings are one of the most common types of dental fillings and they are durable and affordable too. Then,there are white fillings which are also known as composite fillings. They are very popular because their color resembles the color of the tooth. They are less durable and are made of plastic and resin.


This is the layer of a tooth coloured material which is placed on your front teeth to enhance your smile. They are basically used to hide the flaws of the tooth like color, shape or size.

Root Canal Treatment

It is a dental treatment done by an endodontist, in order to save the damaged tooth of a person. In this infected nerves and tissues are removed from the tooth.

Dentures are false teeth which are used to replace the missing teeth. They can also be used to replace one or two missing teeth. These are generally made up of metal or acrylic and attached over the gums.
Dental Implant

Are you looking for a permanent solution for your missing teeth, a dental implant is all you want. Considering dental tourism for getting dental implant is in trend these days.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is just like a crown, it is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The only difference is a crown can be placed on a single tooth while to place a bridge we need two or more teeth.


If your teeth are not in shape, or you want to fix a broken tooth, crowns are the best option for you.In dentistry, dental crowns are one of the most preferred procedures.

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