Golden Bridge high above Da Nang in Ba Na Hills

The price of various dental procedures in Vietnam versus other locations in the world is staggering. A dental implant that would cost US$4,000 in the States and US$1,500 in Thailand for example, costs only US$1,000 in Saigon. Similarly, a crown procedure in Vietnam costs less than 15% of what it does in America and slightly more than half of that in Thailand thanks to cheaper labor costs, facilities and the support of advanced dental technology.

Nearly 100,000 international tourists visited Vietnam last year for dental procedures, bringing in over US$150 million.

Within five years, the number of customers coming for crowns, veneers, implants and cleaning from Australia, Europe, North America and elsewhere in Asia is expected to reach 250,000 as the government focuses their attention on the industry. The confluence of state of the art technology and significantly lower prices are driving the growth. Your healthcart is at the center of this trend, connecting patients with clinics and ensuring top quality treatment.

Of course, when it comes to medical procedures, patients make decisions based on more than just bottom-line prices. People no doubt are concerned about quality control, safety and the overall quality of work. Until now, anyone looking for a clinic in Vietnam was at the mercy of search engines, where SEO manipulation and money, rather than oversight and expertise, determined what options one was likely to see. This situation made it difficult to assess quality and is where Your healthcart comes in. They put patients’ minds at ease with global warranties, rigorous monitoring and credential requirements and exhaustive record keeping.

Your healthcart is not a clinic itself and does not provide direct treatment to patients. The platform provides information such as the credentials and areas of specialization for each location’s dentists. All clinics must purchase and utilize the most cutting-edge equipment and materials. Moreover, through a mystery guest system that sends undercover experts to locations, guest feedback and other monitoring methods.

Apart from the high quality of dental care, there are various tourist attractions too. Apart from treatments, you can visit many beautiful places like Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Phong Nha-ke Bang National Park, My Son, Hoi An,etc.